Thom Sisson is a professional with a fascinating, kaleidoscopic background in his life and career. His diverse interests allowed him to explore many different industries and acquire a wide range of skills, as well as the ability to relate to people from all walks of life emphatically.

Thom has a strong focus on supporting his community and doing as much as possible for the people around him.

Thom has worked in areas as diverse as truck driving, Uber/Lyft chauffeuring, office work, farming, web design, and more. He is also a Notary Public in Nebraska, as well as serving the Consulate General of the Philippines in Chicago as an Accredited Notary, among other endeavors. 

At the core of Thom’s life, lies a passion for helping others. He has been active as a volunteer firefighter and volunteers with the Nebraska Sports Council/WalkOMAHA, teaching badminton and raising funds to aid the local Special Olympics.