Hello and Welcome to ThomSisson.com

This is my Personal Website that I use to promote me and things that interest me. So please, if you want to get to know me or who I am, please read my blog posts (Coming Soon). I will try to write something interesting about me every now and then.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I am a Notary Public for the the State of Nebraska and an Accredited Notary for the Consulate General of the Philippines in Chicago. I can notarize almost anything you need. Got questions about a document, contact me and I will look into it for you.
  • I enjoy tinkering around with and creating WordPress websites, I have several that I work on for others. See the links to the left. I love working with the backside of website, not too much with content.
  • I am an employee for W. N. Morehouse Truck Line, Inc. in Omaha, NE. I started as a driver and now I work in their office doing payroll, tech support, and other exciting things.
  • I am the Sports Director for the Cornhusker State Games WalkOMAHA Event in Omaha. I have been promoting walking for wellness for just over 4 years. I am also an assistant sports director for the Badminton Event and been causing a ‘racquet’ for almost 6 years.
  • I have been married to a beautiful Filipina from Bicol, Albay for over 11 years and we have a handsome son.
  • I look at things differently than others. I like to get the big picture about things and then make decisions. If you give me an idea, I look at the idea and try to come up with what is wrong with it or the issues you might have with the idea.


Original Quotes

“My mind works in ways I wish I understood” – Thom Sisson
“It’s easier to lose something that you never knew you lost.” – Thom Sisson
“Just because I understand your point of view, doesn’t mean I have to agree with it!” – Thom Sisson